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Cyan "Da Bug" Clark- One of Our Favorite Young Surfers.

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Aloha, I'm finally ready to talk about the legendary Surfing Savant Cyan "da bug" Clark! This dude from Maui has made quite a splash in the world of surfing. Eh, hold up, seems like he's moved all the way to Florida now. Guess he wanted to bring his unique wave-riding skills to a new coast. Good on you, Cyan! We support your decision to grow as an individual.

Now, let's address the fact that Cyan is slightly on the spectrum; people need to realize this is a blessing and hasn't stopped him from getting out there in the pumping surf. It's no biggie because being a surfer isn't all about neurotypicality. In fact, it's all about embracing your quirks and riding those waves like a boss. Whether you're on the spectrum or not, Cyan is proof that anyone can thrive as a surfer and a human being. We always saw him as a blessing to the West Maui Surf Community as he is a regulator in most West Maui zones. The ones who have bet against him are constantly eating their words after realizing that Cy Bug is a top contender.

Surfing is not just a hobby for Cyan; it's a way of life. It's his zen, his therapy, and his passion all rolled into one. And let me tell you, this guy knows how to shred those waves like nobody's business. He's got the skills, the style, and the stoke to make even the most seasoned surfers green with envy. His compassionate heart has only continued to grow while adapting to the Florida culture and lifestyle. It is a big change from his youth on Maui. We spoke a while back and he cannot wait for his journey back to his beloved islands.

Anyone who has met Cy can agree it's not just his surfing prowess that makes him special. It's his determination and resilience that truly stand out. He's faced challenges with his family, school, issues both on and off the board, but he never lets anything hold him back. In fact, he uses his unique perspective to push the boundaries and bring a fresh approach to surfing those "fun size" waves.

So, if you ever find yourself watching a dude with awesome style and a contagious smile tearing it up on the waves in Florida, that's probably Cyan "da bug" Clark. Just watch out if you find yourself in Florida, Cyan is know for coming over unannounced to brighten up your day, a jaw-dropping act that will leave you wondering how you could ever stay mad at this guy.

In conclusion, whether you're on the spectrum or not, Cyan Clark shows us that being true to yourself and following your passion can lead to greatness. So, keep riding those waves, Cyan, and inspiring us all with your unyielding spirit.

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