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Discover the Charm of Number 808, the Best Vintage Hawaiian Antique Boutique in Haleiwa

Updated: May 29

Number 808 in Haleiwa
Number 808 in Haleiwa

Last week we found another gem. Located on the North Shore of Oahu sits a slice of vintage paradise - Number 808. This simple boutique is an awesome display of unique antiques, locally-inspired goods, and old school Hawaiian Culture.

Stepping into Number 808 feels like a blast to the past. Its collection spans decades, offering rare vintage finds you won't see elsewhere on the island. Sifting through racks of aloha shirts and surf apparel from the 60s and 70s, then browse island-themed books, stickers, and collectibles

The shop's selection captures the nostalgia, lifestyle, and enduring spirit of Hawaii. Scout out antique postcards, patches, and legendary North Shore photography from back in the day. These older threads and classic magazines will transport you back in time. Proudly local made items and artworks also adorn the shelves steeped in Hawaiian tradition and craftsmanship.

Beyond the endless eye candy, Number 808's passionate owner provides a glimpse into each unique item's origins and past. Cappy's guidance helps you unearth North Shore treasures that perfectly speak to your interests. The time can easily whiz by perusing this trove of vintage goods. Feeling like an old school library, I found myself reading some of the great books and magazines that are for sale.

Next time you explore Oahu's famed North Shore, make sure Number 808 is on your itinerary. They are located in the heart of Haleiwa that is a great little town of artisans and creatives. At this one-of-a-kind boutique, you'll discover amazing relics and stories of Hawaii's rich culture and past. It's the ultimate destination for old school collectors and Hawaiian nostalgia buffs.


True Story Design LLC
True Story Design LLC

Mahalo Nui

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