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Java Jazz in West Maui-An Eccentric Culinary Experience.

Updated: Jun 6

Java Jazz in Honokowai circa 2021

Painted Hands at Java Jazz
Painted Hands at Java Jazz 2020

As soon as you get off the Pali heading towards the upper West side of Maui, there is a special little restaurant they call Java Jazz. This place defies expectations and delights the senses, and sometimes opens doors in your mind that you've left closed for too long now. Java Jazz, a local food restaurant, coffee lounge, and fully stocked Bar is a haven for those seeking a unique dining experience accompanied by live music.

Led by the talented and well known owner, Farzad Azad, who hails from Iran but loves America with an unmatched passion for business and creative expression, this eccentric establishment is a treasure chest of laughs and good vibes. So, grab a seat, and let's dive into the whimsical world of Java Jazz!

Farzad is locally famous
Farzad Azad is Locally Famous

Farzad Azad in his Natural Environment

Life, Music, and Unforgettable Nights: At Java Jazz, the live music scene is as vibrant as the food itself. Farzard's passion for music is evident in the carefully curated lineup of talented local musicians who grace the stage. From classic local music styles to soul-stirring acoustic sets, the venue is a haven for both seasoned music enthusiasts and those looking to discover new sounds. Whether you're sipping on a cold beer or devouring a plate of "Uncle Mike's Loco Moco", the melodies floating through the atmosphere will take you to a place of pure joy and maybe even confusion. Be aware of possibly being challenged with your current beliefs if you try to talk story, coming here has been known to change the lives of mainlanders and residents. The regulars are all very intellectual creative types that will blow your mind, and steal your heart.

A Heart as Big as the Pacific: Beyond the lively ambiance and culinary creativity, it's Farzard's genuine warmth and generosity that truly makes Java Jazz a special place. Although he hasn't made friends with everybody, people have come to respect him for staying true to himself, and not just running away when things get hard or slow for the community. His love for America is matched only by his love for people. The sense of community that thrives within these walls is a testament to his open-hearted nature. Whether you're a regular or a first-time visitor, you're greeted with a smile, a kind word, and maybe even a spontaneous musical performance with his acoustic guitar. He will take you on a unique musical trip with the way his fingers move down his instrument.

So there you have it, if you happen to be on Maui, please take an opportunity to check out Java Jazz, nestled in the heart of West Maui's Honokowai, is not your ordinary restaurant and bar. It's a place where culinary eccentricity meets melodic magic, where the flavors on your plate dance with the vibes of old Kodak photos and random folk art that are blasted everywhere. Led by the talented and fearless passion of Farzard Azad, this eccentric gem invites you to indulge in a culinary adventure while immersing yourself in the soulful sounds of local musicians. So, if you find yourself craving a dash of quirkiness, a dollop of deliciousness, and a whole lot of heart, Java Jazz is the place to be.

True Story Design LLC
True Story Design LLC

Mahalo Nui

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