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Painting at Barron Mamiya's Hale on the North Shore of Oahu.

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Aloha, today we're diving into the world of young surf legend Barron Mamiya and his recent paint project that had True Story Design stoked to be a part of the action. We're talking about giving Barron's sauna and deck a whole new vibe right there on the North Shore of Oahu. Trust me, this story is a total wave of good vibes and stoke! So picture this: Barron Mamiya, a name that echoes through the surf community like a sweet melody.

This young gun is carving his way through the waves like nobody's business. But even the gnarliest of surfers need a place to chill between sessions, and that's where True Story Design comes in. With their artistic skills and unrivaled passion for creating rad vibes, they were the perfect choice to give Barron's spot a fresh coat of awesomeness.

First up, the sauna. Now, I'm not talking about your ordinary sauna here. This is a place where Barron can unwind and recharge after a long day of shredding those legendary North Shore waves. True Story Design took this space to a whole new level painting it with simple tones and giving this young hammer a place to relax and soak in the reality of a competitive surfer.

Wait, that's not all friends. True Story Design also tackled Barron's deck, turning it into the ultimate hangout spot. With our artistic flair, we transformed it into a place where Barron can kick back and soak up the sun, surrounded by the beauty of the North Shore. We used our imagination and skills, along with the ocean vibes to life with our paintbrushes, capturing the essence of the waves and the spirit of surf culture. It's like having a piece of Zion every time Barron steps foot on his deck.

So there you have it, folks. The young surf legend Barron Mamiya teamed up with True Story Design to transform his sauna and deck into the ultimate hangout spot on the North Shore of Oahu. They took his place from ordinary to extraordinary infusing it with the spirit of the waves and the stoke of surf culture. Barron couldn't be happier with the outcome and we can't wait to see what these legends will create together in the future.

Until next time, keep riding those waves and chasing those good vibes. Catch you on the flip side my wave-riding friends!

You can find more information on Barron on his Instagram @barronmamiya

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