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Remembering Randall Kim Nearly 30 Years After a Senseless Loss: Exploring the Cultural Impact of Localism Gone Wrong.

Aloha friends, as the north swell swells and another winter comes to an end, our mind turns to Randall Kim, and the legacy he left us after a Localism nightmare tragically ended his life along with his wife Carol and long-time friend. Nearly three decades now since that dark night stole him from this realm, but wherever critical surf breaks form, his mana lives on in the waves.

Randall Kim Surfer
Randall Kim Had a Great Surf Career

For those who didn't know the up and coming 80's era surfer, Randall was among Oahu's finest watermen - a reborn Christian with a blossoming career and family. With a smile that lit even the most clouded Hawaiian skies, he treated all souls with a kind heart, from visiting mainlanders to our local kapuna community. Nearly 30 years ago Randall and his wife Carol, along with a close friend were shot by a neighbor over an on-going parking dispute.

In ways both grand and subtle, we can honor Randall's aloha by following his lead. When tempers swell in your neighborhood or in the line-up disputes, take a deep breathe while and remember the horrible incident that all started over a parking spot. Randall had integrity and would lend help without asking for anything in return, as waves give freely to all wave-riders. Friend's remember him greeting members of his community with respect, old and new transplants., finding shared joy that unites beyond backgrounds. It's unbelievable how something as small as a parking spot dispute led to the murder of three innocent lives, plus a suicide by the gunman.

Randall Kim and his wife Carol
Randall Kim and his Wife Carol

Each time the surf calls you from shore, give thanks for the gift of waves that sustained Randall's soul. Paddle out at Pipeline at sunset, casting lei of remembrance on ocean's altar where his mana yet flows. But greatest tribute? Spreading more of the unconditional aloha that was his trademark - so his legacy nourishes this community and visitors alike for generations to come.

Until we meet again on the other shore, or perhaps catch the same wave in dreams, o ka moana, ola ka pa hana - the sea keeps us forever young at heart. Noho Maika'i, Randall. May your waves ever remain the sweetest.


How To Handle Crazy Neighbors in 2024

Here are some peaceful ways to handle crazy neighbors without escalating tensions or risking legal issues, or worse.

  • Document behaviors: Carefully but discreetly. Keep a diary with dates/details in case needed as evidence, but avoid confrontation. There is nothing the police can do just based on your testimony and "here say"

  • Enlist community support positively: Talk respectfully with other neighbors about ways to foster goodwill, not complaint. United communities resolve issues gracefully.

  • Communicate boundaries firmly yet calmly: When necessary, send a well-worded letter expressing your position and desired outcome respectfully. De-escalate potential for misunderstanding.

  • Understand underlying needs compassionately: People often act from fear, frustration or neglect more than malice. Seek first to understand before reacting, and look for shared hopes beneath surface turmoil.

  • Involve mediators wisely: Consider speaking with a neighborhood elder, housing advocate or police liaison to help resolve root issues constructively without demands or defensiveness on any side.

  • Focus on solutions, not problems: Complaints often arise from unmet needs more than personal defects. Brainstorm solutions together respecting all parties' dignity and rights to safety within the home.

With patience and goodwill, even kookiest of neighbors can start behaving better. Dark clouds pass in time, at the end of the day they have to look in the mirror and live with what they've done to others. Stay calm in the storm and keep your side of the street clean. Not every conflict needs courts to solve if we appeal to our shared hopes first. Aloha doesn't always mean being nice, you have to stand your ground without ending up dead or in jail.

True Story Design LLC 2024
True Story Design LLC 2024

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