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"Making a Splash: What to Expect at Austin's New Wave Pool"

Updated: May 28

Austin Texas
Austin Texas is Still Kind of Weird

Aloha, we just came across some exciting news coming out of the Mainland. Surf fans in Texas just got a new place to rip! A top-tier wave pool development is underway in Austin that promises to deliver world-class surfing right in the capital city known for it's live music and "weird" characters.

There is news of this awesome new wave park that is shaking the Texas surf community to the core. Rumor has it an existing but recently shuttered facility formerly known as N-land is being revamped. While details are still emerging, early signs point to a complete re-imagining and high-tech upgrade that will vault the new Austin wave park to the top of the wave pools next to the pleasurable Waco Surf that is only 2 hours away if you stop at Buccees.

Wave parks have been a game changer for inland surf communities craving ocean-sized breaks without the long drive to the coast. The market has exploded in recent years with attractions like Waco's Surf Wave Pool & Lodge that satisfies that itch for thousands of deprived surfers who only dream of good waves but never seem to get a Surf Trip scheduled. Soon Austin will have it's own wave pool that is primed to help you get that stoke so that when you eventually do make it out of the country, you will be ready to shred that gnar.


For Texas and other mainland surfers, this new addition can't come soon enough. When ocean swells are lacking, they'll be able to scratch that surf itch just an hour away. And the timing is great as Central Texas' population and interest in board sports continues to balloon. Making it possible for large companies like Tesla and Samsung able to operate at a lower cost than anywhere else. This has it's pros and cons, but for now we will stick to the stoke that has given many of these guys hope.

Little is known yet about the wave pool's cutting-edge engineering but you can bet it will involve the latest in digitally-controlled wave technologies to generate perfectly pumped tubes and pits on command. Expect capacity and amenities on par with the biggest facilities worldwide. There is also a plan for a wave pool in Houston in the works and we look forward to seeing more amazing surfers coming out of this part of the world as several already have in the recent past. We have seen guys like Makua Rothman express their love of live music and surfing all in the same place. At the end of the day, it's just a different vibe that can be shared by anyone who appreciates surfing.

This is a massive win for the landlocked surf scene. With the new Austin park and Waco's nationally-recognized setup just a tank of gas apart, central surfers now have world-class waves within easy striking distance come rain or shine. Big things are surfacing for the Texas Surf community as this new development starts taking shape. Stay tuned for more details as plans progress in the coming months.

Mahalo Nui



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