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True Story Design™ is a  Visual and Graphic Design company based in the Kingdom of Hawaii. With a deep love for this grassroots culture and a commitment to quality, we bring you a collection of unique products and services that embody the Aloha spirit, and other unique cultures around the globe.


Established in 2018, True Story Design draws inspiration from the the ocean, going on surf trips and meeting inspiring creatives has always been a huge motivator.  Our small team of talented designers combine traditional motifs with traditional typography, photography, and other simple aesthetics to create visually stunning results for your next project. Our work reflects our Surfing lifestyle that Hawaii is known for, we want to help every client get their design needs met. We are able to work with your idea to meet your vision.      


 At True Story Design™ we believe that Design and Storytelling is a critical way to pass down information, entertainment, or your unique message to the world. Through our design efforts we aim to share the captivating stories of unique people, traditions, and natural wonders that currently happen in our daily lives. We know that working together will not only make you feel good about your next project, but also inspire you to embrace the spirit of aloha and explore the depth of your creative side. We may not be for everybody, we are willing and able to work together to keep a positive mental attitude, and possibly refer you to someone more qualified. 


Experience traditional design approach and classic styles with True Story Design. We are stoked to help and make your business thrive, not just survive. We can help you get there! Check out our Social Media pages if you're looking to see what we are about. 


Mahalo Nui

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Our Mission

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From branding to web design, True Story Design offers a wide range of visual and graphic design services. We understand the importance of finding the perfect balance between creativity and functionality, and our experienced team of designers is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Get in touch today to see how we can help you elevate your brand.

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For more information, please send us an E-mail. Let's talk about it.

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Mahalo Nui

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