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The Man Behind Hawaii's Most Haunted Tales - A Profile of Lopaka Kapanui

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Aloha, today we are exploring the mysterious and sometimes scary world of this fascinating and gifted Story-Teller. For over two decades, Lopaka Kapanui has ushered tourists and locals alike into the spooky underbelly of Hawaii's ghostly folklore. As one of the state's leading researchers on all things paranormal, Kapanui has made it his life's work to breathe life into the islands' most mysterious legends.

A native of Oahu, Kapanui first became fascinated by ghosts as a child listening to his grandfather's haunting stories around the bonfire late into the night. This early passion sparked a lifelong obsession with cataloging and sharing supernatural Hawaiian history.

For over 25 years, Kapanui has captivated audiences on myriad ghost tours around the state. From abandoned asylums to haunted trails, his encyclopedic knowledge of spirits brings each locality's ghosts vividly into the realm of the living. With a gift for gothic storytelling, Kapanui spins yarns that will have even the bravest believers checking over their shoulders in the dark.

When Lopaka is not busy leading tours, he spends his days deep in research and studying paranormal activities to explore - dusting off crumbling newspapers, exploring uncharted graveyards, and interviewing kūpuna keepers of esoteric lore. His vast archive forms the basis for frequent television appearances and articles educating the public on Hawaii's wealth of unexplained phenomena.

Now in his late 50s, Kapanui shows no signs of slowing in his paranormal pursuits. For this dedicated ghost hunter, each new discovery fuels his insatiable quest for more haunted history. Through his shows and writings, Kapanui ensures Hawaii's thrilling otherworldly tales will be remembered and retold for generations to come.

For a true "Mysteries of Hawaii" experience, don't miss the chance to join Lopaka Kapanui on one of his legendary ghost tours. But be warned - you may never look at the islands in the same way again!

For more information on Lopaka's Story Telling visit his Website.

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Tim Sykes
Tim Sykes
Oct 22, 2023

That’s bad ass!

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